Nanotechnology Ceracoat™ Products Anti bacterila hydrophobic coatings are powerful, eco friendly, long lasting which protect all your surfaces whether its wood, stainless steel, glass, timber, stone, polycabonate, plastic, metal, paavers and solar panels from water, bacteria, dirt, moss, mould, fungus and stains. The coating is invisible to the naked eye. It repels water meaning it will not allow moisture to enter the coated surface making the surface free of contaminates. By repelling water the surface cleans its slef depending on the angle and the force of the water.

Why Protect Your Building/Home/Vacation Home?

With Ceracoat™ Ceramic Nanotechnology Coatings you will have:
An increased service life // Lower maintenance coast // Brilliant appearence, //A more durable structure // Healthy air quality // Anti bacteria home surfaces.

Ceracoat™ Ceramic Nanotechnology Coatings prevent serious issues such as:
Efflorescence // Salt burst and sulfate attack // Freeze-thaw damage // Acid rain attack // Mildew and algae // Graffiti and stains // UV deteriation.

 Ceracoat™ Ceramic Nanotechnology Coatings are used for all types of surfaces such as:
Concrete // Brick and clinker // Natural Stone // Split-face block // Sand limestome // Marble and granite // Roof Ceramic tiles and slate // Furniture textile and suede and leather // Treated and not treated wood // Ceramic and porcaline // Glass // Plastic and rubber.


Ceracoat™ Glass Care®

Glass Protection
Ceracocat™ Glass Care® is designed to keep you windows and outside glass areas cleaner for longer.  This nanotechnology glass coating forms an invisible  microscopically thin layer with glass surfaces to create a long lasting a non stick, water, oil and dirt repelling surface.  It is practically self - Cleaning.  Dust dirt and other particles are washed away with rain or the application of water.  Say goodbye to endless cleaning and the use of expensive chemical cleaners.

Why Protect Your Bathrooms?
Easy application // Enjoy very shinny surface //  Reduce finger marks and smudges & easy to clean the bathroom
Suitable for all bathrooms // Non stick surface // Anti bacteria.

ANTI-MICROBIAL TESTING: Leading microbiologists have tested the bacteria count on bathroom surfaces and have concluded that bathrooms are highly contaminated with various types of bacteria with high resistances to commonly used antibiotics. Ceracoat Crystal Coating has been certified by the ASTM – E2180 standard which proves that bacteria levels are reduced by 99.9% when tested with Salmonella, Staph. aureus & E. coli on surfaces protected with this coating. Ceracoat Crystal Coating destabilizes the wall of bacterium and so the bacterium can’t subdivide or reproduce.

Ceracoat Bathroom & Shower Glass Cleaner


Why Protect Your Kitchens?