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About Us

Ceracoat™ Products is a company dedicated to the development of nanotechnology that both protects your world and makes your life easier. Before meeting a NASA engineer who worked on the front ceramic portion of Space Shuttles, Dr. Elio Keller created the "washing facilities" car venture with Shell in France, Germany and Italy. This venture was due to Dr. Keller's passion and love for cars and motorsports. Dr. Keller came up with the idea of creating a ceramic coating for engines.

The current process involved removing the engine from the Formula 1 race car, coating each individual piece, reassembling and reinstalling, which is an incredibly cost prohibitive option.  At that period in time there was no limit on the budget for Formula 1 race cars.

The idea was to create a liquid that could be added (as an additive) to the oil and then automatically cover the metal parts of the engine with a ceramic coating, reducing the cost of the process to something the average consumer could easily afford. This would greatly reduce friction, improve the gas mileage and extend the life of the engine.

In 1988 the product was born, and since it is a ceramic coating the Ceracoat™ name was legally registered. Today, Ceracoat™ has about 100 applications for consumers and about 250 for industry with a total of about 350 different applications.

Since the inception of the company, Ceracoat™ Products has maintained a special laboratory for researching nanotechnology and its capabilities for covering and protecting almost every surface.

Due to the breakthroughs of Ceracoat's™ inventions, nanotechnology is no longer a distant reach for the general public.

Elio's vision for Ceracoat™ is taking the Ceracoat™ Brand to new heights; aligning the beauty and significance of its products in tune with the needs of people who dream of living in sync with green technology.

Together with his wife, VP Carmen Keller and the Ceracoat™ R&D Department, our team is working on new exciting formulas that will revolutionize the way you live your life. Nano tech for your work and your life style.

Ceracoat™ is 100% Swiss made, with an incredible Swiss Warranty, utilizing the latest technologies.

We invite you to learn more about our products and services here on our site.

We coat, you coat, CERACOAT!
Company History

Ceracoat products are manufactured in Switzerland and the company was founded in 1988. Ceracoat Products is the North American representative.

The first product was the Engine Care mentioned above and now there are over 450 different products for specific applications. Ceracoat has industrial products that protect guns, ammunitions, solar cells and anti-bacterial coatings for metal surfaces that can be used in restaurants and hospitals.

Ceracoat products are sold all over the world but primarily in Europe. Our job is to introduce the products to the USA with your help. Our motto is “Don’t Clean, Protect” and with Ceracoat, that is what will happen. Your personal products will be protected and you will clean less or not at all.

Our Founder

Hidden deep in the Swiss mountains we found a SECRET, a SECRET that will revolutionize the way you care for and protect the things you own. That SECRET is CERACOAT PROODUCTS!.

Virtually unknown in the US it has been in use since 1988 in Europe and other parts of the world.

Dr. Elio Keller, working with Frans Harmsen (a NASA Engineer) created a ceramic coating that would coat and protect the inside of an automobile engine just like the material used by the expensive Formula One racing cars.

Success! CERACOAT PRODUCTS was born and an additive was created that could simply be added to the oil crankcase that would reduce friction, improve gas mileage and extend the life of the engine. Sure, you have heard this before, but we have scientific proof and a 5 Million Euro (in US $5,300,300) insurance policy to cover any problems that could occur.

Dr. Keller did not stop with that one product, jump forward 27 years later and there are currently 100 products for consumers and 250 for industrial uses.

Look through our website and see just a few of the consumer products that you can order to use or sell. These products will change your life for the better and allow an incredible economic opportunity at the same time.